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About Me
  • About Me

  • This is a little of my story.

    One of 4 close brothers, I was the one who always wanted a camera for Christmas - just as my daughter does now - and one year I was lucky enough to receive one. A little plastic film camera it was. Wish I still had it. It opened my eyes up to the world around me and gave me some amazing opportunities. I owe it back a fair bit.

    Along with photography I quickly garnered a passion for travel and just as I was about to start my 12-year adventure as a photographer in the Royal Navy, I met Sarah in my homeland of Norfolk. Sarah is my partner of 16 years, the love of my life and amazing mama-bean to my lil' sprouts.

    We are lucky enough to have two children - a boy and a girl; a pigeon-pair as we say in Norfolk. My gorgeous daughter Amelie and scamp of a son Rui. Amelie is the best big sister to her brother in the world, always showing her more mischievous younger brother Rui the right path. Rui is a red-topped ray of sunshine with an adventurous personality.

    Amelie is now lucky enough to own her own camera, Santa dropped it off last Christmas for her;)


My Approach
  • My Approach

  • I guess that I'd better say from the outset that I'm not a traditional-style photographer. I don't force moments. I shoot real life. No-holds-barred, evocative and amazing real life.

    I capture people being people, people being themselves. People and their personalities, quirks and all. Authentic stuff. I get to shoot all of this and I have to say, that I have an absolutely cracking time doing it.

    I love the out-takes as much as the key moments. The reality. The uniqueness. The humour. The fun. It's all good.

    I approach a wedding as I would personally like my own wedding day to be captured. Non-cheesy, natural and full of vibrancy and life. This is how I shoot. Take a look through my imagery if you get the chance. It's all genuine, all unforced, real life rules!


  • Location

  • I am based close to the city of Norwich in Norfolk, UK and shoot across East Anglia along with destination weddings worldwide.

    If you are thinking differently to traditional wedding photography and are interested in hiring me please get in touch using the contact form or email me at info@luisholden.com. I operate a transparent pricing policy and this can be found via my pricing page. I also have a FAQ's page which may help to answer some of the questions that I often get asked.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and getting to know me and my style a little better.

    151 Ormesby Rd
    Badersfield, Norwich, Norfolk, NR10 5LA


    01603 736846
    07810 442782
    Monday – Friday 8:30am – 9pm
    Saturday/Sunday 10am – 9pm

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