About me

Hi and welcome to some stuff about me.  Always feels a bit awkward to talk about yourself but here goes…

I’m the oldest of four brothers.  This initial set-up was brilliant for adventure and banter but equally has driven me to be slightly overly-competitive.  My Mum cried when the last boy was born (she always wanted a girl).

I’ve got two pups.  A pigeon-pair as we say in Norfolk (do they say that elsewhere too?).  My gorgeous girl Amelie and scamp of a son Rui.  Yep, I know it’s a slightly different name – but I like it!

Sarah is my partner of 18 years, the love of my life and amazing mama-bean to my lil’ sprouts.

In a previous life I sailed the seven seas taking photos for a living.  I was a photographer in the Royal Navy for 12 years.

I’m actually doing my dream profession.  I love shooting weddings.  I mean, proper love it.  Good job really, as there is no Plan B!

I’m not a great dancer but I’ll be getting down on the dance-floor with y’all.  I’ve actually lost the ability to dance without holding a camera though.  If I’m without one my arms just seem to flail about.

My spotify is always on.  I enjoy both old and new tunes.  Fleetwood Mac, Joy Division, maybe a bit of Bruce Springsteen – all the way through to Arcade Fire, Alt J and Christine and the Queens.  I turn it on and then Sarah turns it off.

Love a game of football.  I’ve got one trick (the rainbow kick – which I’ve never used in a proper game).

I used to wear some weird stuff back in the day.  I’ve toned it down a bit now.  Hooked Sarah though haha.

So that’s a little bit about me!   I hope it hasn’t put you off too much (honesty is the best policy!).

Docu-style Wedding Photography with a creative twist.

The weddings that I go to all seem to tie in just lovely with how I shoot – authentic, natural, relaxed – and yeah, sometimes a little bit quirky!

I love the out-takes as much as the key moments. The reality. The uniqueness. The humour. The fun.  It’s all good.

I shoot all of these wedding day shindigs and I have to say, that I have an absolutely cracking time doing it.

If this all sounds good please just head on over to my enquiry page – I’d love to hear a little bit more about your future plans.

Below is a little snapshot of my family life.  Mainly of the sprouts as a) I’m usually taking the pics and b) Sarah is usually hiding!

family_002967 wales-2016-154 family_002855 family_002912wales-2016-73 wales-2016-16 wales-2016-52 wales-2016-294 Family Portraits_02Family Portraits_04Family Portraits_01Family Portraits_03Family Portraits_05Family Portraits_06Family Portraits_07Family on the North Norfolk beachFamily on the North Norfolk beachFamily on the North Norfolk beachFamily on the North Norfolk beach2014-10-10_00012014-10-10_0003 Family_000879 The Holden's_026 The Holden's_027The Holden's_025 The Holden's_020 The Holden's_018 The Holden's_017