Friends.  Family.  People!  For me, it’s what life is all about and that is exactly what Stacey and Carl focused on for their wedding day at the truly outstanding new wedding venue that is Fishley Hall.  Throughout the day I could see how much that everybody meant to S + C and their four pups Isabelle, Lilly, George & Lenny and ditto in return.  The people loves ya guys!  So cool to see and be in the middle of it all.

This year…  Blimey, so, so good already.  Here’s some of the highlights from my friends Stacey and Carl’s wonderful wedding day…enjoy!

Shout-outs // Family – unbreakable bonds  //  Wedding tattoos with your faces on – brilliant!  //  Strolling from your Church to your venue  //  MUA – Kelly Mullender (cool seeing you again Kel)  //  Bill’s Ices – nice lil’ cool-down  //  Fields of gold  //  Fish’n’chips – perfick  //  You are the glaze to my donut  //  Emotional speeches – great to hear, when else do you really get the chance to say such lovely things?  //  Taz – you little devil.

Fishley Hall – wow – already on my all-time-fave venue list.  The raw beauty of the barns at Fishley Hall combined with the vision and creativity that Stacey & Carl put into their wedding day just blew me away – the details matched perfectly to create a setting that was truly inspirational.  Bring this all together with a lovely old Church within walking distance and a beautifully restored Hall for prep and I think you just about have it perfect.