This is what it’s all about – a relaxed and fun wedding day with your friends and family followed by a block-rockin’ night on the dancefloor.  Chilled out prep in the morning; the boys in Norwich gently recovering after a couple of beers the night prior and the girls chillin’ over at the awesome Kimberley Hall.  A beautiful wedding ceremony in the Music Room followed by drinks and canapés out on the lawn.  Time for a few photos and then a quick spin in an aeroplane (say what?!) for a flypast.  So cool getting a different perspective on it all!  Charlotte and Chris, gotta be said – are a bloody good-looking couple if ever there was one, but the main thing with these two is that they are such good fun to be around, I don’t think they stopped laughing throughout and that good stuff just rolls downhill to everybody else.  Onwards to a little of the wedding shenanigans, here’s a little of what happened… enjoy!

Shout-outs = Olive the sausage dog (my kids want one of these now!)  //  Dancing Dad’s and awesome Mum’s shakin’ it on the dance-floor  //  Sam + Lucy (shot their wedding a couple of years ago) love out to you both  //  Shots, shots and more shots  //  Robbie of Kimberley Hall for that amazing flypast experience  //  Sarah Softley for keeping it all on the flow  //  Attempted breakdancing spins (Charlotte!)  //  Alex & Andrew (see you soon!)