I’m lucky enough to meet some wonderful humans through this job of mine and Natasha + Chris fit right up there in the top-tier.  Warm, friendly, welcoming – if the bride and groom are like this then their mates always seem to match – and so it was, happy days!  I caught up with some friends from previous weddings too (big-up to Kate, Kristian, Freya amongst others) – and got to work with one with of them in his duo-role of one of the Best-Men / Videographer – I give you – Mr Darren Carter!  I’ve done that duo-role before and it isn’t easy.  Hi5 for a cracking job mate!

The Dairy Barns is a wonderful venue and it just kinda feels ‘right’ when you walk in the place – proper Norfolk (as we say around these parts) – absolutely love shooting here.  Good to see a couples vision for their wedding day working out so well, I always think it must be tough to visualise what it all look like when everything is finished.  When I put this to Chris he said “I found it all pretty easy really, I was working off-shore” 🙂 .  Bellyache lols when I asked Natasha and Chris to do a couple of mock first-dance spins to add some action into a couple of shots and they both started wind-milling separately on the spot.  And it kinda went like that throughout, just lots of laughs and a lovely ‘ol day from prep in the morning to hot-stepping with the 60’s tribute band Frankie’s Guys late into the night.

So here’s a little of that early Autumn day at the pretty Dairy Barns up on the North Norfolk coast… enjoy!

Shout-outs  =  Catching the last of the light at Sea Palling beach //  wind-milling  //  MUA – Shonakelly Bridge //  blue-sky Saturday’s  //  Hannah and the incredible team at The Dairy Barns  //  Youtubing cravat knots – fair play, nobody ever knows how to tie them  //  Frankie’s Guys -top set  //  Christopher’s Crepe’s – mmmm  //  Tavern Tasty Meats – mmmm2  //

Tasha & Chris, thank you so much for having me there with you guys.  Your wedding day was super lovely and it was cool being with you both on such a brilliant day.  Thank you also to all the girls and guys that I met at the wedding – you all helped to make it a brilliant day for them.  Love out xoxo