Oh my goodness.  I knew it, I just knew it… that Jasmine & Tom’s wedding at the always-cool Elms Barn was going to be an absolute belter of a wedding day.   From seeing the girls prepping in the morning through to some late night madness on the dancefloor it was bloody brillz all the way.  You smashed it guys!  Or rather they smashed you – Jas & Tom barely made it out of the confetti line in one piece haha – bucketfuls of the stuff being chucked about!  Beccles Church, you did ’em proud – and Elms Barn is always a beautiful place to shoot at.  Rose gardens and Summer light filling the spaces, and if you get that sunset right it’s just an amazing venue to shoot at.  Jasmine and Tom – you rocked it.  What a wedding!  Here’s a little of the action… love out xoxo

Shout-outs  =  Elms Barn – you never, ever disappoint!  Top-class wedding venue  //  Sock love  //  YouTube vids on ‘how to tie a cravat’  //  groomsmen & bridesmaids for the win  //  pink sunsets  //  Tom & Jas – love out to you guys, thank you so much for having me there with you  //  Crack out the ‘flip cup’ drinking game – bosh!

Now this is why I love my job so much.  The people I meet, the things I see.  Jasmine and Tom, love you guys and loved your beautiful wedding day at the sparkly place that is Elms Barn!  Peace out xoxo