Living by the Norfolk Broads I’m pretty close to some really cool venues, but Hautbois Hall is the closest of the lot – about 3 minutes from my front door!  Beautiful setting it is too, think secluded Norfolk manor house set amongst big Norfolk skies + a river running by it (and the Bure Valley railway).  I can totally see why Adam and Louise chose it as their wedding reception venue.  Those who read my blog know how much I love my home county – it’s bloody lovely and all the people that reside in it are all of the same ilk.  Adam + Louise and their friends and family fit right into this category and it was a total honour being with them for their wedding day.  As ever, I’ll let some of their photos tell the story of their pretty day (much better than I ever could with words!).  Thanks for having me there with you guys.  Peace and love.

Shout-outs // MUA – Kelly Mullender  //  Cool Dad’s and lovely Mum’s  //  Norfolk sunsets  //  Shooting down the road from where I live  //  Flowerpower = Sam Powell //  Singer – Lee Vann the man  //  Singer – Bill Downes in da house  //  Cheryl at HH  //  Chris’s Crepes  //  Cake Master – Ophelia  //  Sutton Church’s vicar – what a lovely character!