If you have ever visited Hengrave Hall you will know what I mean when I tell you that the venue kinda blows you away the first time that you view it.  I’ve shot here quite a few times and it never disappoints.  I can see why Karla & Lewis chose it as their wedding venue, that’s for sure – when the light is right in that courtyard, wow!  I saw Karla and her girls first thing over at her parents home in Lyng, Norfolk before heading across to see the boys mid-prep and then back across to see the girls – just in time for a pretty emotional speech from Karla to her parents.  We then set off for the Church in Cringleford, Norwich for a lovely service with a great vicar before heading over to the inspiring Hengrave Hall.  So this is a small slice of how I saw their beautiful wedding day – bloody good fun, great light, a super couple in the beautiful Karla & top-man Lewis and a incredible day spent with them both… here’s some of the highlights from my POV, enjoy!

Shout-outs  //  Karla + Lewis 2 People 1 love – as per the flypast banner – amazing!  //  The confetti pony – haha love the shot of the page-boy and the confetti pony eyeing each other up  //  courtyard light and dancing in its glow  //  fireworks whoop bang whoop  //  bow-ties on heads  //  dinosaurs at the ready  //  video gurus CaptureMedia  //  The Joe Ringer Band – party people!

Hengrave Hall wedding by wedding photographer Luis Holden

K+L – you rocked it, hi5 to you both and all that were there!  Insanely good wedding.  Big love out x