Truly, for me, weddings are all about the people.  People and their personalities.  The people that you meet, the things that you see.  Some guys and girls you meet – boom – it just kinda happens but you feel like you have known them for years!  They let you into their lives on what is – a pretty special day.  And when they do, when they really do – wow – you can create something cool together.  And this a little of that cool stuff.  This is a look into Mel, Mike and their lil’ bean Harry’s (Hazman!) utterly vibrant wedding day over at the always awesome Kimberley Hall.  So much going on throughout this wedding that frankly, my rubbish writing will never do it justice!  So onwards we go.  Onwards to this absolute belter of a wedding.  What a year this is turning out to be haha – top-class!

Shout-out’s   //  Sarah Softly and her team at Kimberley Hall  //  Laura & Kerry at Killah Hair  //  MUA – Stacey Stuart  //  Carl and his DeLorean  //  Ali – one of the groomsmen that I have played football against many times – but was still nice to me 😉  //  Ol’ pals Jenna + Alex + Ollie + Lianne + MJ  //  Those who got up and danced during the wedding meal (basically everybody – you all rock).  Peace out.

Kimberley Hall Wedding

Kimberley Hall in Norfolk is a cracking wedding venue, not far from Norwich but in acres and acres of its own personal kingdom.  I get on great guns with Sarah Softly who runs the wedding days over there and I’m lucky enough to shoot at Kimberley Hall a few times a year.  If you are looking for a photographer to shoot you own wedding day a little alternatively to the usual please do get in touch, I would love to hear of your wedding plans!