Jonas & Mim’s wedding just blew me away, I mean, blimey – it was good, reeeeeal good.  A wealth of beautiful randomness and good times.  A laid-back morning on a bright Spring day followed by a cracking PARTY!  If ever there was a wedding that I could showcase and say ‘this is what I’m about’ then then is it; this is what I’m about.  This is the reason that I have such a great time at the weddings that I shoot.  The people that I meet, the things that I see, the places I visit.  Voewood.  Inspiring, amazing, eclectic Voewood.  For me, one of the most beautiful settings in the world.  I’m lucky that it sits here in my home county of Norfolk.  Double lucky that I get to shoot here a few times a year.  Take a bow Jonas for creating your very own wedding song (big thanks to Matt Hampton Films for the passing me the track!).   You just gotta hit that play button whilst browsing through the blog post.  Brings it all back.  So to the Swedish steel that is Jonas, the truly-awesome Mim, their lovely lil’ daughter Josie and all of their wonderful friends and family, you all rocked it.  Thank you for having me with you all on this utterly brilliant day.  All the love x

Flower power // Samantha Powell  Top catering  Alex Chef  Video dude // Hampton Films


voewood wedding bride and groom Voewood.  Magical.  Mesmerising.  Insanely good as a wedding venue.  Add to it the wonderful people that temporarily take over this setting and make it their home for the weekend and you always have something special in the air.  If you are looking for a photographer to take authentic, creative imagery at this wedding venue or any other throughout this planet of ours please do get in touch, I would love to hear of your plans!